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Colour Numerology

June created/invented the colour and numerology system many many years back, she then went on years after to write about her system/method in her first book, Colours of the Soul, first published in 2000 the best selling  colour classic, a must have for  colour enthusiasts, the book is in-print continuously by popular demand.

June recently decided to name her colour and numerology system, 'colour numerology - the karmagraph' in recognition of the original source of the colour numerology  system/method and to gain credit for her work as it is now being used globally, with many teaching her method and offering to the public a colour and numerology reading.

Following on from this she has also decided to compile a list on the website of former students names she taught and the date they qualified coupled with their qualifications, the public will then be able to refer to whom June has taught colour therapy and her colour numerology method. 

Over many years of teaching accredited colour therapy courses to certificate and diploma level and during colour numerology workshops June has taught her exclusive colour numerology method/invention to her students, many have gone on to share her method with their students and by  selling colour and numerology readings via their classes, workshops and websites. 

June has correctly predicted many firsts using her unique system, colour numerology - the karmagraph, including world events and celebrity news, a small selection of some of her many proven highlights are;

1. The outcome of the Brexit vote

2. Kate and Williams daughter 

3. Twins for the Clooneys

4. Obamas second term

5. Trump as President

6. Beckhams daughter

7. Third pregnancy for Kate 

8. Prince Harrys engagement

June says;

Brad Pitt - Karmagraph Overview

I have been asked for the following, having drawn up his 'colour numerology - the karmagraph' chart I will not share the full reading, however here is my personal opinion gleaned from Brad's karmagraph in a short but revealing overview.

KINDLY NOTE : The information I share with you via the newsletter and the following is my copyrighted material/works and must not be copied shared or kept in a retrieval system without my written permission. Thank you for honouring.

Breaking down his birth date to single numbers gives us:

9 - 3 - 1 = 13 add these together = 4

Gold Yellow Red with a Green soul colour

"I believe he has had to fight and learn to restrain a plethora of self acclaimed demons. With a possible addictive personality this has been a long process todate. Early years were spent becoming familiar and comfortable in own skin. A personality paradox, hardened in some aspects yet deeply sensitive and soft in others.

Having viewed and drawn up his chart I will say that I am team Brad. 

Brad is entering a period of stability in his life, a welcome change from the past  years . This chart shows a personality with clear focused thinking abilities, a dogged determination, what he wants to achieve and sets his mind to he will achieve. Can be a workaholic if private life unhappy, but when settled and happy more than able to hold a balanced lifestyle with work and private life in balance, steady and happy.

Stubborn and can be cold when 'turned off' and lacks adaptability, can sweep problems under carpet, turn off and can refuse to communicate. In times of deep stress and angst will turn for comfort and can easily become addicted to whatever numbs the pain. Coming up his 3rd love/marriage will be the one and lasting. A lovely union awaits just around the corner. As he grows older the more serious and addictive side of himself will wane , there will rise the fun Brad, with an inner loving strength ever growing and blossoming with the time of his great love coming into his life producing a happier lighter brighter and more stable Brad than has been seen before. At last feeling superbly comfortable with himself, his life and most of all his love life, at last. The best is yet to come and well worth waiting for. The only demon he will have to watch for in later life will be to keep his jealousy and possessiveness in check, as he will love her with every fibre of his being and never want to lose her. She will love him also but chart shows he may love more hence the green eyed monster rearing its head. I feel Brad is entering the best times of his life and well deserved."

Royal Wedding

What a glorious wedding.

The bride and groom looked perfect, smiling adoringly at each other, love filled the chapel. The choir spectacular, musician of the year superb, the Pastor confirmed the importance of love, he spoke with passion,  the service was timed exactly right and the children were gorgeous.

"When I analysed the colour numerology - the karmagraph chart for the wedding it showed an element of chaos on the day Knowing there were little ones walking down the aisle I naturally assumed in all probability it would be them. On the day I sat like millions of others glued to my tv. The service was lovely, the choir fabulous, the musician of the year incredible, the little ones on perfect behaviour, Harry and Meghan looking adoringly at each other, some felt  the preacher went on a bit too long but his message was so passionate and full of love what was there not to like. I couldnt see an ounce of chaos, the ceremony seemed to flow seamlessly and beautifully. 

However, the next day I read in the media, that allegedly Guy the dog ran amok at the reception eating food off the plates of guests and from the tables. Meghans nephew  had created a special blend of cannabis in honour of her wedding and named  it 'Markles Sparkle' (he apparently runs and operates a legal cannabis farm in the States). and,Marks And Spencers months prior to the wedding organised a large signage to be placed over the Windsor store sign for the wedding day, calling the store, Markles and Sparkle. 

The karmagraph is never wrong,  the interpretation of the karmagraph is where any fault may lie, in this case  I was right, chaos did occur but not as I first imagined. ".

"I urge everyone to learn and practice drawing up their own karmagraphs for family and friends till they become proficient, as everyone can learn to do it. The karmagraph is a wonderful tool to have under your belt.

I have shared all my information in 4 main books: Colours of the Soul, Colour Psychology Today, Colour Therapy A-Z and Colour Numerology - the karmagraph, the last book contains graphs to photo copy and use. I urge you to learn as the karmagraph is such an informative way to work with colour for the benefit of yourself and loved ones, then as you become more familiar and expert at your analysis you can share the information you glean with others."

June is truly master of her craft, colour is her passion and life's work, she is thrilled her invention is being used widely as an essential colour therapy and colour psychology tool for both the students she has personally taught, the people they share her system with and the many people who read her books.

 An indepth chapter on colour and numerology is found in her books Colours of the Soul, Colour Psychology Today and in Colour Numerology - the karmagraph,  includes 160 blank charts for self development to be copied and shared in classes and workshops.

June has further created more complicated colour and numerology methods for business use. June has assured that everyone can understand and work with her colour and numerology system and benefit from its use.

Using colour and birth date numbers can give us insight, show us our potential, reveal our inner selves and help us to understand the interaction between ourselves and others. The colour numerology - the karmagraph is a circle of colour and numbers, each number 1 to 9 corresponds to a different colour. After using numerology taken from your birthdate you are left with 4 numbers that correspond to specific colours. The colour numerology - the karmagraph is then interpreted by revealing the attributes of each colour, this can reveal a lot about your innate abilities, life direction and potential. One or more people represented by number lines can be plotted onto the circle, the colour numerology - the karmagraph can then be read to see how your path interacts and effects others. The colour numerology - the karmagraph method can also be used to tune into key events in the future.

What can you discover using her unique and innovative colour and numerology system?

You will unlock your potential, be guided to a better future, plot your destiny, discover future events, get an honest appraisal of your relationships, at work discover who people really are, find positive dates for major celebrations, best dates for important business events, key attributes you can use to your advantage, future forecasts, the uses of June's colour and numerology system are endless and superbly accurate and less complicated to use than astrology or other systems of divining.Everyone can learn to use and benefit from using colour and numerology -  the method colour numerology - the karmagraph.

Her colour and numerology system will reveal all you need to know and offer you solid reliable guidance. Like an onion, there are many levels to the method, as you become more able then more is revealed, the key is to become proficient by using it regularly. 

Discover your potential, colour personality, the qualities and attributes you were born with, your soul colour and what you have come back to learn.

A system that is exceptional and based on colour and number. Superbly intricate yet simple, a paradox and a huge success.

Why is colour such an important element in our lives.

Colours in the environment affect us on a daily basis, by acting as unconcious triggers that influence how we think, feel and react to the world around us. How powerful is colour? 

With colour psychology combined with expertise we can achieve so much. Using colour psychology techniques with colour placement knowledge our world can take on a new and exciting visual feast and understanding by triggering the positives in our lives, opening our lives and minds to the huge array of possibilities that exist.We live in exciting times, on the threshold of even greater colour discoveries.

Colour reaches us all on a very deep and instinctive level. If we combine our knowledge of colours and life wiith colour psychology & colour therapy, we will go a long way towards positively transforming our lives and ourselves.

The future is bright.........the future is........colour.

Colour and Number

How many colours can we see?  we are able to see more than 7,000,000 colours and counting. Colour psychology opens our mind and world to the enormous possibilities available to us all. 

Colour and number has fascinated mankind since records began.

Here is a quick overview;

1 - passionate about many things, caution - be careful not to use your energy to excess - most prone to burn out

2 -is known as the liberator, the only number to be depicted in the tarot pack. 2 can be a number of division or universality. In the tarot pack the priestess is seated on 2 pillars, in her left hand are 2 keys, in her right hand a book. Do these symbolise the need to study the 2 in order to obtain the keys that will unlock the golden wisdom?.

 3 - can represent the three sides of a triangle, the AUM, the trinity. The Egyptians allocated 3 colours to the Gods,Thoth- sky blue, Isis-yellow and Osiris-red. Observe the logo's of corporations and type of business who use this colour combination.

4 - elements

5 - elements with spirit added

6 - Buddhist Perfections and the truth of 666 revealed - the main player in the solar system the sun

and in Hebrew the equivalent of life.

7 -the seven colours of light and seven ages of man

8 - as above so below, the weaver of life


12- law lords, disciples, months, clock face,cranial nerves in the body,zodiac and there are 12 petals in the heart chakra, love truly is the beginning, the middle and the end. 

More information is found in Colour Psychology Today.

Colour Numerology & Personality

More on colour numerology and colour personality. (see colour psychology section on website for more information).

Often copied, never bettered, June's colour numerology method is the original and the best. 

The method reveals insights and highlights positives to work with and expand also the negative traits that need work and to be aware of to help create a smoother journey through life. The positives act as a great support network when expanded and brought into ones life, whereas the negatives, once aware of them, can be reduced and hopefully discarded.

Like the peeling of an onion, the method will reveal many insights to those who have the required standard of colour knowledge, persistence to perservere and the patience to spend time studying the method for professional use.

Calculate the birthdate, month and year numbers by bringing them  down to three single numbers.

Example: 20th December, 1973 becomes 2 - 3 -2 .

Add the three numbers together to reveal the fourth number, in this case 7.

The 4th number is the soul colour.

1 - Red

2 - Orange

3 - Yellow

4 - Green

5 - Sky Blue

6 - Indigo

7 - Violet

8 - Magenta

9 - Gold

Red - The Motivator

Orange - The Diplomat

Yellow - The Intellectual

Green - The Peacemaker

Sky Blue - The Communicator

Indigo - The Entrepreneur

Violet - The Idealist

Magenta - The Leader

Gold - Wise Counsel

Red- Red craves attention, hey have a spirit of adventure and are enthusiastic, usually see things through to completion if working in the positive otherwise they flag and lose interest. Bursting with energy when pasionate.

Orange-Independent with a great sense of humour, can always see the funny side, Prone to sit on the fence, dislike confrontation. Enjoy travel and movement. The original diplomat.

Yellow-Social butterfly and the original networker, analytic with a strong sense of self, has strong willpower and determination to bring about change, not always for the greater good, can be selfish when working with negative traits.

Green-Lovers of good food, the gourmet, master chef in training. Good listeners,will always see both sides of every situation, natural mediators. Great love of nature and the outdoors and outdoor pursuits.

Sky Blue-Inventive and talkative, never a dull moment, when in full form

can hold an audience attention,enjoys team sports and likes to encourage and nurure team spirit.

Indigo-The mystic. Innovator working with integrity and for the greater good of the whole.Creative, will bring through many new and innovative ways of working for the greater good of all.

Violet-Easy going and genuine if left to their own devices and allowed to work on their own initiative. Like to 'own' their work.Will share with friends and colleagues when they are  recognised and held in high regard.In the positive, teach by example and can bring about many positive changes when they can leave the 'I' and replace with 'we'.Greatest  lesson for violet is to work for the greater good of all, not self.

Magenta- Respect is magentas keyword, with a natural flair for business they are happiest when working for themselves or in a smaller working environment where they are not sitting behind a desk all day, they need to be out and about, travelling and moving.

Gold- Very knowledgable with a natural charm and wisdom that captivates and inspires.Most lead an adventurous and interesting life. Travelling to far shores will beckon gold. Observers of the world around them, human nature and life.  

 The colour numerology - the karmagraph method has many layers yet with colour understanding and knowledge and regular practice, everyone can develop their expertise. With colour knowledge and daily practice everyone can reach their fullest potential, intuitively, remembering, we each have a glass ceiling,once reached, we can only widen our abilities. Therefore it is natural law some will be more proficient than others when using an intuitive tool/method that requires interpretation.