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Colour Healing for Health


Colour -  supports personal good health and well-being. Colour is an important ingredient to good health

A simple and effective way to help yourself and support good health is to choose a wide variety of coloured foods for every meal.

Do you think about the different coloured foods you eat?

Does eating a green apple over a red one make a difference.

Strive to eat as many different coloured vegetables and fruits at every meal.

Natural fresh grown foods come in the full spectrum of colours including white and black, eating a rainbow diet can support longevity, discourage over-eating,comfort eating and lifts mood. The combination of colour, smell,presentation, taste and texture of fresh foods help to increase the appetite for wholesome and nutritious foods while  providing the minerals and vitamins required for health and reduce the risk of many diseases.

Silks for Colour Healing

A gentle, effect and aesthetically pleasing way of working with colour is through the use of high quality silks that are superbly finished and come in the full spectrum colour healing range. June has handed the exclusive distribution rights to the silks she recommends over to Pete and Ann, and she believes by using the best tools for colour healing - you get the best results. 

There are a number of ways you can work with the silks according to your needs and without seeing a colour healing practitioner or inbetween treatments to support.

Place the appropriate colour silk on your body where you have an identified need, wrap the sky blue silk  around your neck for a sore throat, virus, cold or ear nose throat problemms. 

Place the silks somewhere you and your family can see them - let them hang from a hat stand, peg them onto a steel hanger or from a line running across an alcove or ceiling - away from the sunlight to prevent the silks from fading, and work with the colour that jumps out at you. This is your inner knowing telling you which colour qualities you need most at this time.

Another way of working with colour healing silks is to place a white/towel sheet over a cushion or the back of a chair , and place the colour healing silk of your choice on top. Sit quietly in front of the colour and slowly breathe ; imagine you are drawing the the colour into your body on each 'in' breath, allowing it to flood your whole being and releasing any tension within the body on the 'out' breath. Continue for 3-5 minutes.

Due to their gentle healing properties, colour healing silks are an excellent colour healing tool for children to receive healing, or to absorb the colour healing qualities they may need.

Ask the child to choose a colour and either get them to lie down and cover them with the silk or wrap it around their shoulders whilst they sit quietly, read or do their homework.

Trust your colour choice, there are some colours that stand out from the rest, instantly we breathe in with a sigh as we absorb the beauty and energy of colour. Appreciation of a particular colour is a sure sign that the colour is calling to you. If you see a colour that you like , if it catches your attention and makes you stop, sigh and look twice you have identified the colour you need.If unsure use the white colour healing silk.

You are as unique as a snowflake and your colour preference will change . always be guided by your own innate colour knowledge, you will know what colour you need , your greatest barometer is your inner self. Trust your response to colour, it is always correct, colour encourages and supports good health. See Colours of the Soul and Colour Psychology Today for more information.

Colour Healing Product Testing


A wide variety of colour products have now been tested, allegedly many do not live up to their marketing claims, this has come as a disappointment and surprise. 

 Due to possible legalities and the many problems possibly unleashed  by releasing our findings we have been advised to halt immediately. Sadly and after much consideration we stop here,  We leave this section with a cautionary, be careful.

This may be the ideal opportunity to remind you colour needs few 'tools', a  set of 10 colour healing silks now available from Pete and Ann for colour healing work are an essential. They can be contacted via our contact us page until such time as their website is up and running. Email with your enquiries

 The Colours of the Soul CD available from CD Baby is  recommended to support colour healing.

Keep it simple, colour works and works beautifully.

June's latest and best colour therapy/ colour healing  treatment  is explained in full and supported with clear and concise diagrams in her book, Colour Therapy A-Z.

June's method is blissfully relaxing and effective, uplifting for mind body and soul, designed to restore balance and harmony to all levels of being and recognised as a powerful colour experience for complete relaxation and colour healing.

The exclusive and unique method is practised by former students who have completed both their certificate and diploma course, passed an examination on colour therapy entitling them to use the initials Dip.Col.TS.

See Colour Therapy A-Z for the colour therapy treatment and for further colour therapy information.

Solarised Water for Colour Healing


Solarised Water

The old fashioned method using coloured theatre light acetates/filters is not to be used to  solarise water.

Do not use coloured acetate/plastic theatre light filters to solarise water for health and colour healing, 

Do however use a variety of coloured glass containers filled with still mineral water.

Junes research findings confirm coloured glass is the only material to use when solarising water for health and healing.

 Coloured glass bottles and containers can be found in most shops.Fill the glass container with still mineral water, leave on the window sill in full sun for a minimum of 3 hours then drink.

The timings of use of solarised water has changed and moved on. The old fashioned way using filters/acetates suggested certain times to use a particular colour, today we know this to be incorrect. Coloured solarised water can and must be used when required, the only colour to use with some caution is red. This only applies to people suffering heart conditions, high blood pressure and fevers. Drink a cup of red solarised water 3 times a day maximum.

Red - Regain your get up and go! Gives energy, warmth and activates the whole system also raises blood pressure.

Orange - Oh happy days....with joyful orange. Soothes the digestive and circulatory systems, a great antidote to melancholy.

Yellow - Regain your clarity and be uplifted with yellow. Increases the flow of vital fluids in the body, de toxes, cleanses a  sluggish system and aids constipation.

Green - Peaceful and relaxing, green the stress buster. Also a nerve tonic, re-balances the system, good for settling nerves and anxiety, relieves cold symptoms and hay fever.

Sky Blue - Speak up with blue, speak your truth and be heard. Reduces fevers, has a calming effect on the system, good to cool the system, hot flushes, to gargle for sore throats, mouth ulcers and bleeding gums.

Indigo - Clear seeing and understanding with indigo, see all sides of he situation, Bathe sore tired eyes with cotton wool balls soaked in indigo water, drink indigo to cool the system, eases lung and chest conditions.

Violet - Your creativity will flow with violet. Eases headaches, tired eyes and ear problems, violet solarised water can help most skin conditions. Using cotton balls soaked in violet water regularly dab the affected areas during the day. Solarise creams to use on the affected skin area.

Magenta - Spiritual balancing and upliftment with glorious magenta .Encourages self-respect and raises self-esteem, magenta is also an excellent tonic for the skin and all skin conditions will benefit from magenta solarised water bar inflammed conditions.

Guidance on use and a colour index is found in the books Colours of the Soul and Colour Psychology Today. Important:  ignore the recommendations to use the old fashioned method of coloured acetates.

Colour Healing


Colour healing can be applied at home, at the office and whilst out and about quite easily using a variety of methods.

Drinking solarised water

wearing an appropriate colour garment,

visualising a particular colour,

placing coloured silk over the affected area whilst breathing in the colour and directing it to the site.


Indigo will encouage sleep as it slows down the heart rate and has a sedative effect.

Try putting a few drops of lavender essential oil on each corner of the pillowcase ( be careful to avoid eyes)

before you go to bed.

Sip a glass of indigo solarised water before bedtime. Sleep on an indigo coloured pillowcase. Place an indigo coloured item on the bed side table, look at the item and breathe the colour in as you lay still and comfortable prior to dropping off.

Poor concentration/dfficulty studying.

Yellow will strengthen the mind and encourage positive thought processes.

Sprinkle a few drops of the essential oil basil on a tissue and rest on your desk as you work ( careful as essential oils may stain surfaces, lay tissue infused with basil on a saucer or plate). Buy a bunch of pure yellow flowers to place on your desk or work space.

Sip a glass of yellow solarised water first thing in the morning OR have a hot lemon and honey drink first thing.

Place a yellow item on your desk and breathe in the colour during study/work time.

Poor circulation/cold hands & feet.

Rub red energised cream or massage oil into your hands and feet. (place cream or oil in red glass container and place in full sunlight for the day then use.

Wear red socks and gloves to stimulate and increase circulation.

Sip a glass of red solarised water at  10 am, 1pm and again afternoon, no later than 4pm.

Red raises blood pressure and warms the system use red with care.Consult a professionally trained colour practitioner for further advice.



Coloured crystals interact with the electromagnetic field that surrounds our body known as our subtle body or aura. Crystals have an energising effect on all levels of our being. Coloured crystals can be used to energise each of the main energy centres or chakras of the body helping to bring the body back into balance.

Crystals are placed around the body and over the corresponding colour energy centres or chakras. For example a red crystal is placed over the base red chakra, an orange crystal over the orange chakra and so on.

Crystals from the warm end of the spectrum (red, orange, yellow) such as camelian (orange) and garnet (red) work to stimulate the circulation, increase blood flow and create energy and warmth.

Crystals from the cooler end of the spectrum ( sky blue, indigo, violet) such as blue quartz and amethyst (violet) work to cool and calm the system, reduce blood pressure and create a calm sedative effect.

Green crystals such as aventurine work to re-balance and harmonise the entire body and are placed over the heart, the green and magenta chakra, use magenta and green crystals on the heart.

White and clear crystals such as clear quartz contain all the colours of the spectrum and work to cleanse, energise and re-balance.White crystals can be freely used on any of the chakra centres. When in doubt about which crystal to use then use a clear white crystal.

Crystals have been used by many ancient cultures for thousands of years the world over. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Arabs and Aztecs have been documented as using crystals for healing and ceremonial purposes as have many other cultures.


Colour Healing Treatment


What to expect during a colour healing/ colour therapy treatment.On the first visit a full health history is taken and discussed during the consultation. The first session will normally take approximately one and half hours, taking into account the consultation discussion, with subsequent treatments lasting around an hour.

You will be asked to wear a white top or be given a white robe to wear during treatment and covered with a white blanket to ensure you feel warm and comfortable.

The practitioner will apply colour and talk you through self-help techniques and recommend you use and practise some of these techniques at home as part of your treatment programme.

June's highly acclaimed colour healing treatment involves foot, arms, head and shoulder massage and techniques so you will experience the added benefits of therapeutic touch, the trunk of the body is never touched

The full treatment coupled with clear diagrams and easy to follow instruction is found in her book Colour Therapy A-Z.