Colour Consultant - June McLeod

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'The best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you' Coco Chanel

'So what exactly can colour do? Quite simply, colour re-establishes confidence and willpower, strengthens the immune system and our inner resolve, it opens us to spontaneity, love, laughter and happiness' June McLeod.

Although we recognise 7 colours of the spectrum, it is important to remember light is always moving therefore creating many differences of colours within each colour,known as hues,tints, tones or shades of colour.We exist in a world of colour,and we are colour,yet how many of us truly take on-board and understand what colour is? or what can be achieved with knowledge and understanding of how colour psychology affects us on so many levels, colour is an integral part of life. 

Where is Colour

Colour surrounds us, we live and eat and breathe colour,often on a sub concious level. How many of us take colour for granted? An easy way to bring colour into daily life is through food. Use as many different coloured foods at every meal time, in the summer salads are brimming with colour, an easy time of the year to digest colour. Have at least 7 or 9 different colours per plate. In winter go veggie crazy and fill your plate with a selection of numerous coloured vegetables and herbs.

During every waking moment we interact with many hundreds even thousands of differing hues of colour . Colour plays an undeniable and significant role in our quest for personal health and happiness and business success.

Imagine a world without colour

To deny the importance of colour is akin to denying the value of water to our existence.We experience the difference colour makes every day, but do we register it? Do we understand what is happening and why?In the main we do not,yet with an understanding of how colour affects us, we can grow our knowledge base to become colour savvy and colour aware. We are often so busy in our daily lives that rarely do we stop and realise the kaleidoscope of colour that surrounds us. Try stopping a moment to drink in the colours of nature, you will feel all the better for it. A moment of your time can make such a difference and the impact is measurable.Notice your breathing is calmer? your heart rate slows? and you may even find yourself smiling

Colour your emotions

Imagine a world without colour,how would this affect your feelings and emotions, your creative expression your perspective on life? Colour can increase understanding and pave the way to reaching personal best. With colour you can find new solutions to old problems,illuminating the way forward, whilst releasing you from the burden of carrying whatever is holding you back. Colour is a power house, you can literally transform your life with colour.

Colour to describe/wear

Colour is as complicated as you want to make it, every answer to every question is all there waiting to be discovered. Colour is amazing, a powerful and engaging medium, a visual element unsurpassed. Colour affects us on a very deep level, we often use colour to describe how we feel. Instinctively we know what a particular colour symbolises to us or how it makes us feel. Think of phrases such as 'feeling blue', 'red with rage' or 'red herring'.

To Wear

Everyone can wear colour and the colours they love, when choosing a colour to wear take the item of clothing to natural light and hold it up to your face, you will see whether the colour drains you or adds to your glow. 

Yellow is one of the colours most claim they cant wear, yet in the shade that complements their skin tone and hair colour most people are surprised when they find the shade of yellow that does complement them and look nice. 

Experiment, take along a trusted friend and a mirror when shopping. Book a shopping adviser, most of the larger retail shops offer this service and it is free. They will  advise on the most flattering shape for your body type and be ontop of  the latest designs that arrive in store.

 Take retail therapy to another level. Book at least 2 sessions at different stores, gathering advice on best clothes for body shape, shades that best suit. Then meander down to the cosmetic counter and if you havnt already booked a makeup session, thoroughly enjoy using the testers and trying out new shades. Ask for advice, the women are well trained and up todate on latest colours, how to apply and wear them.

Indulge in nail art, have fun with the different patterns and colours to choose from. Book an appointment to discuss hair colouring, are you happy with your current look or do you want to make a change? Be as daring as you can muster, take advice from the professional hair colour expert you have consulted, let them advise and lead you into a brand new look.

That leaves shoes, glorious shoes, re vamp your style and colour to match your new look. Most handbags are easy to wear with coloured shoes. 

Get Colour Savvy

Colour is easily accessible you only need to open your eyes and look around to see colour, when you are  outside take a moment to absorb the colours that surround you, if you wish, try breathing in the colours that attract you,nothing difficult,simply stare at the colour  you are drawn to whilst imagining you are breathing the colour into your body. Colour will naturally do the rest for you. 

This is the beauty and wonder of colour, it works without any ceremony or difficulty. Just as the air you breathe flows in and out of your body seamlessly,so does colour flow effortlessly to top up your chakras or energy centres or batteries, whatever term feels comfortable, colour works regardless,  with life sustaining colour energies flowing into and feeding you.