Colour Psychology - Colour Meanings

Red, Orange, Yellow

Green,Turquoise, Indigo

Violet, Magenta, Pink

Red - Attention seeking, passionate, erotic, fiery and excited. Commands our attention, the colour of the physical self and connection to  the earth, a grounding colour.Red expresses joy, danger and celebration.Stimulates our senses, it has the longest wavelength and slowest frequency. Having the closest vibration to infrared it creates a sensation of warmth.Red boosts the circulation,raises blood pressure and gets the heart pumping faster. Raises the libido, increases determination and gets us moving forward. Red pushes us to break free from the past and demands we live in the here and now.Wonderful, charismatic, all encompassing red.

Orange - Lifts our spirits, freeing our emotions. Encourages us to feel liberated and happy.Nurtures creativity providing the energy to action . Orange works powerfully on the emotions, releasing feelings of self doubt, supporting self confidence and bringing in the feelings of enthusiasm coupled with a can do attitude to help live our lives more upbeat.With a milder effect than red on the emotions and body it will support the circulatory system and the reproductive system. Relieves muscular pain and is a good colour for strains and stiffness. An antidote to melancholy and gives some relief to asthmatics. Increases tolerance and reduces fears and tiredness.A June'ism, the ' Humpty Dumpty' colour, puts everything back together again.

 Yellow - Vibrant sunshine yellow, stimulates the intellect, the colour of the self and the ego. It stimulates our sense of self-worth and empowerment, waking us up to our feelings about ourselves and recognising others feelings. Encourages empathy towards others.Yellow ignites self worth,self confidence to help us realise our worth and how we can achieve and take our rightful place in the world. It helps bring mental clarity and focus, strengthening our minds ability to encourage individualism and to absorb and retain knowledge.An energiser, it aids exhaustion, relieves arthritis, water retention and acts as a stimulant, and can also help to remove toxins from the body. Hot lemon water first thing is renowned for its cleansing properties.

Green - Regulates and harmonises, creates harmony and brings us back to our natural centre.Green connects us to feelings of love and compassion and open heartedness, for ourselves, one another and the world we live in. Green lets us breathe,in green spaces we breathe easier. Green regulates blood pressure, soothes the nervous system and relaxes the heart, calming the whole physical and emotional body.Eases stress,encourages us to grow in self development and self projection,while strengthening our inner resolve. Whilst relaxing in open green spaces we can link into our creativity self as green encourages new ideas, new ways of looking at current topics and seeds new thinking.

Sky Blue - Intensifies feelings of serenity, peace and calm and has a calming effect on our senses bar talking, will stimulate us to talk about our feelings and new ideas, enables us to see a new slant on an old situation, breathing life into new ways of being, acting and communicating. Saying how we feel takes us one step closer to living a life that will nurture and inspire. Sky blue helps us overcome insomnia,lowers blood pressure, eases worries as it helps clears the dross. An anti-inflammatory

and antiseptic, can be used as an effective gargle using solarised water ( fill a blue glass container with still mineral water, leave on windowsill in sunlight for an hour then gargle, place surplus in fridge and use within a week). Great mouthwash, gargle for sore throats and to ease the sensitivities from mercury fillings.Sky Blue links to the thyroid and throat.

Indigo - The deep dark blue of the spectrum, using indigo allows the deeper aspects of oneself to rise to the surface to be expressed.The warrior within can find its voice. The unsung heroes of indigo who work ceaselessly for the highest good of others yet sometimes fail miserably to look after themselves. A wonderful strong colour to give us strength and resolve when facing challenges, indigo is sturdy and solid and feeds those feelings to the user. Calms the nerves, relieves stress, supports feelings of courage and determination. A break away can occur with indigo, a pursuing of personal goals and attainment leading to success.Indigo can support the circulatory system whilst at the same time bringing about a sense of peace within.

Violet - Purifies the blood, relieves breathing difficulties, purifies a stale or heavy atmosphere bringing in fresh air and a lightness. Using violet flame in meditation is powerful to cleanse and clear ourselves, others and environments. Violet helps relieve pain throughout the body especially good for headaches, migraines and eye strain, and any ear nose and throat problems, they all respond well to violet. Sinus blockages can also be relieved with violet. Contrary to popular belief, violet can also be used to aid circulatory problems and delaying of mental decline associated with dementia and altzheimers. In my own research the results have been very promising and enlightening. 

Magenta - Is the colour of respect. A glorious colour that is both giving and demanding in equal measure. A trusted balancer of emotions, excellent for all nervous conditions, also twitches, shakes and tremors as magenta soothes the nervous system allowing the person to stay calm while allowing them to focus on controlling the debilitating movements. A great pacifier for all ages. Magenta can be a paradox as it also boosts energy when required, and this is the wonder with magenta, it seems to know what is needed and when dependant on the setting or requirement.

Pink - 'Draining' not a term I associate with pink, my thoughts on pink are well documented in my books and especially 'Colour Psychology Today',  draining is not a term I lay at pinks door, possibly the association originates from the fact pink relaxes muscles and therefore can be associated with physical weakness. I presume this is the case. Dont be bluffed, pink is not all fluffy and loving and kindness personified. It can also be tough resiliant and manipulative.The darker side of pink is not to be messed with, place it well and pink wll serve you well, as too much pink creates a lack of motivation and can become the area where all the office gossip commences.Another great colour to heal the emotions, especially during a relationship breakdown.Pink also helps with co dependency issues and helps to heal the pain. 




Teal, Coral,Taupe

Black - The glamorous mystery colour worn by religious personnel for many an age.Black creates feelings of mystery and all that is possible coupled with protection.A powerful colour and when worn with other colours black will intensify the properties of them. Black stands shoulder to shoulder with red as the sexy colour, every woman knows how good she feels in the little black dress, much is written about the little black number a must have in every womans wardrobe yet little of the protection and healing of black. 

A freelance journalist wrote for the Observer "I tried not wearing black for a week, this is how it affected my mood,  my mood did'nt change, not wearing black did not make me happier, I wear black and I love it!"

White - Freshness, light and purity. White to wear in all seasons is a delight and comes into its own in hot climes as a block colour or glimpses at neckline, hem and cuffs and the crisp white shirt/blouse is a timeless wardrobe staple. Polka dots and stripes always look fresh and never date. White light contains all the colours. White environmentally is draining when used unwisely and in the wrong setting yet it is a cleansing, purifying colour that portrays innocence and can be energising when used appropriately and with the

right colour palette to detract from the starkness of white when used alone.

Silver - The mercurial energy of 'quick silver'. Like a flash of light, responses to silver as the name suggests are quick and can be profound. Silver can dazzle or tarnish. Used without too much additional bling silver can work wonders and look stunning, bling it up and you can create a blinding muddle of energies that will at best confuse and at worst tarnish the feelings and energies of all who come in contact.

Brown -  can hold its own, a rich brown is a delight, the earthiness and reliability of brown is a joy. The many differing shades of brown are worn with pride, a glorious autumnal colour. Feel nurtured in the many shades of brown. The colour of financial stability or the seeking of. A darkened pigment of orange that connects us to the earth, grounding and being real. Wakes us up to 'what is' rather than what we would like 'it' to be.A realist in a world of make believe and dreams.A practical nurturing and protective colour traditionally associated with growth, comfort and security. The wake up to reality colour.

Tan - Seekers of balance and supports logical thinking, tan will stimulate the logical left brain thinkers who will need to find the balance between the two sides of their brain. Balancing the left and the right side by giving more time to creative pursuits.Tan has a tendency to bring out overly analytical thinking, therefore careful and considered use of tan when used in environments is recommended.

Cream - Does not encourage individuality, with just a hint of yellow, cream however can support sole pursuits and encourages the standing back and blending in rather than standing out and be proud. Careful use of cream is advised. For a company with progressive ideas cream is a no no.

Teal - The combination of blue with green teal contains the best of both and the worst of both dependant on usage and placement. Used appropriately a glorious colour that can re-define an area and working environment for the good of all. A paradox, teal creates a stimulating yet relaxing place to be. The refreshing energy of inventiveness. One of the best feel good colours when used aright.

Coral - the womb with the view colour.

Corresponds to the element of water and the soothing energy of the ocean.

The word coral is Greek and means 'daughter of the sea'. The combination of peach/orange and pink. Usually supports creative energies but with a warning, coral is sharp and unforgiving so use with knowledge and understanding in every setting otherwise coral will inflict pain.   

Taupe - with cream and a dash of yellow and brown we have a combo that surprisingly can be serene and peaceful when used with both lighter and darker shades and when necessary coupled with off white.Taupe is what I call a placid colour, neither here nor there, yet when it works it can work beautifully.

Apple Green, Lime Green, Lilac,

Apple Green - The freshness of spring, new life, space and adaptable all sum up the elements of this colour.The colour of eternal youth and new beginnings. Apple green can relieve tension when not over used. The key to working with both apple green and lime is - less is more.

Lime - Invigorating, fresh and all embracing. Can be used to unite and incorporate a sense of unity as this colour, when not too stark and yellow is related to brotherhood. This colour refreshes the energy of a space whilst also refreshes the human system.

Lilac - The gentle bliss of acceptance and awakening to the deeper meaning of life. Babies and young children are attracted and will benefit from the energy of this colour aswell as the elderley. A soothing yet inspiring colour. Lilac urges us to give of our best. A nurturing colour.

Lavender, Deep Pink, Duck Egg Blue

Lavender - Gives a combination of persistence and sole purpose. A powerful colour that supports mental agility and a striving urgence to become outstanding. Careful and considered use as all is not glorious, learn the attributes both positive and negative to create the required effect.

Deep Pink - A warm deep pink is nurturing, soothing and calming. Can instill feelings of liberation and letting go, of conditions, thoughts and feelings that are no longer relevant in our lives.A cautionary note, will also let go of ideas, when worn or used in a work environment it may be wise to have a confidentiality contract in place. 

Duck Egg Blue - The softer attributes of sky blue combined with affectionate, idealistic and confident energies. Dont be deceived by the appearance of the gentle blue, it can pull a punch and make quite an impression when carefully placed. 

Dark Orange, Peach, Mustard

Dark Orange - Another warm colour that steadies and influences with orange creative surprises, fires up feelings of inner potential, confidence and wanting to succeed. Has a sedative effect on the body combined with the firing up of the mental energy.

Peach - Can be a lively colour or a dreary colour, the choice is yours. The brighter clearer peaches are best to work with and to wear. Accentuates feelings of wanting to seek further knowledge and being socially at ease.

Mustard - Things can mysteriously go missing when used environmentally, my small research on wearing mustard revealed more volunteers got lost when wearing this colour than any other.  Interesting but true. Choose the lighter shades of mustard to dilute this effect.


Maroon - A combination of three colours results in maroon, a more enlightened earthy colour than the browns, supports earthing and grounding in every arena used. Lifts the spirit to become more creative than usual. Expert knowledge in the use of colour combinations is vital with maroon as it cannot be used comfortably with every colour of the spectrum.


Jade - Another special colour that demands respect in usage. The East hails Jade and Gold as precious, we need to listen in the West, when Jade is used with reverance and sparingly it is simply stunning, the same effect is achieved with glorious gold. This is why Jade and gold partner perfectly.


Gold - Completion, the colour stimulates the finest feelings, throughout time gold is associated with wealth and grandeur. On an energetic level gold links us to our highest inner wisdom. Gold attributes are earnt not learnt. Gold is precious and must be used as such. Gold trims dazzle.