Colour Psychology Supports Creativity

Art Therapy & Colour Psychology

Art Therapy

Using the combination of art therapy with colour psychology expertise is an effective way of encouraging children and adults to express their innermost thoughts and feelings without the need for words.Qualified and experienced practitioners also use colour psychotherapy in a session to support their client.

Colour Psychotherapy

This can be particularly effective when people are unable to talk or verbalise how they are feeling due to past hurts or painful experiences.

Putting colour to paper by using pastels,pencil or paints is therapeutic and allows freedom of expression and an opening of the sub concious mind. It is the process of putting colour to paper that is important and not the final outcome. Art Therapy is a combination of art, colour psychology with a smattering of colour psychotherapy and can be enjoyed by everyone. In the hands of a professional the final art therapist assessment is usually revealing and informative with guidelines on how to go forward using colour psychology methods and exercises.

Colour Psychology

A fully qualified Colour Psychology practitioner may ask their client to paint a particular scene or colour freehand. The Colour Psychologist can interpret the complete picture by first looking at the colours chosen by the client, where they are placed and the images they have drawn.The placement of content, the depth of the colours used and variation each tell their story.  Colour psychology is an integral part of the work, process and guides the final outcome