Your Love Colour

Who do you fancy?

There they are again, you have spotted the one who makes you take a second glance, makes your tummy quiver. What to do. Now its all systems  go, must plan a strategy, remember what you've been told,it has to be all their idea, ensure you are near them hoping they come up and talk or do you walk up and introduce yourself?, maybe drop an item close by them, pause a few seconds hoping they pick it up, oh the games we play. The fact remains there they are and you want to get close, pull out all the stops pull in any favours and get introduced. Now the fun begins.Do you want to start your new relationship in a stronger position? Go forward with confidence knowing more about your significant other? Have the tools to help cement an existing relationship, bring the passion back into one thats losing its mojo? Then read on. Love makes the world go round, let love make your world complete.

Could this be Love

Coming soon.............exciting stuff, sharing June's unique and exclusive method inspired by her years as a leading colour psychology colour counselor