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Colours of the Soul

The best selling colour therapy classic

A colour therapy 'must have' resource

For colour therapy students and anyone interested in colour therapy.

Colour Psychology Today

The latest best seller from June McLeod

Available online, Amazon and book shops

Reams of Colour Psychology information

Coupled with interactive colour exercises

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Colour Therapy A-Z

Includes course materials and four 2 day CPD colour workshops. Handouts, course structures, lesson plans,diagrams and practicals. Plus the latest colour therapy treatment with full instructions and diagrams.


Colours of the Soul CD

Available from CD Baby online

A musical master piece by Jeff Cutmore and June McLeod.

Vocals June McLeod


Colour Numerology

The Karmagraph

June rightly predicted Obamas second term, a girl for the Beckhams and a girl for the Duchess of Cambridge and the Brexit vote outcome and much more using her method.  

Everyone can use this as June shares 'how to' in the book and includes 160 blank charts to complete 

Discover Your True Colours

Interesting and different colour information for personal development use, guidance and divining.Comes with 23 circles of specific colours.

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Supports personal development and business success

Mandalas are found everywhere, in the human eye, the natural world, every flower, tree, spiders web, hailstones and snowflakes.  Working with mandalas personally and in groups or for business will reveal much and support creativity and innovation.

With full instructions and 160 blank mandalas to colour for self, classes and workshops.

Colour Psychology & Colour Therapy Products

Colours of the Soul CD - colour therapy healing using music and colour.

Available digitally online from CD Baby


The first all colour music CD.

June collaborated with professional musician Jeff Cutmore to bring you the first colour therapy music CD for colour therapy  healing to support well-being, the content takes you through the coloured spectrum key by key in the most beautiful and healing colour therapy format.

'Regain your flow with this unique and effective colour healing method'.

Research undertaken using the CD has positive results.

Proven to lower blood pressure.

Stress reduction

Blissful Relaxation

Improved concentration

Sleep improves

Relief from anxiety

Hyperactive children benefited

Strengthens the immune system

Positive outcome with all ages and most conditions.

Colour Psychology and Colour Therapy Books

Available online, from Amazon, and high street book stores.


Colour Psychology Today

 The latest best seller from June McLeod. With every aspect of colour psychology covered, corporate case studies, colour psychology research findings and interesting colour psychology information, exercises and methods. For everyone interested in the many uses of colour,  colour psychotherapy and colour psychology for personal development and commerce.

Colours of the Soul

The best selling colour therapy book of its time.Republished four times todate and in print since 2000 by popular demand.A must have for all colour therapy enthusiasts and colour therapy students.  A colour classic.

Mandalas - for personal development and business success.

 Information on mandalas, guidelines on how to 'read' a mandala with 160 blank mandalas to copy for self/workshops/students of colour. A must have for all mandala lovers.

Colour Numerology-The Karmagraph

 Instructions on how  to draw up a chart for self/workshops/students with 160 blank charts to use/copy as handouts and how to read a chart with colour index. June correctly predicted Obamas 2nd term, Beckhams daughter and Brexit vote result in UK using her system.

Colour Therapy A-Z 

Comprehensive colour therapy work book/manual with lesson plans, hand outs and course structure and also contains four 2 day CPD colour therapy workshops. In the manual you will also find full, clear and detailed instructions and diagrams showing how to give the new and superb colour therapy body treatment.

Discover Your True Colours

 Working with 23 coloured circles this is the easiest and most revealing  colour divining method. Use for self/loved ones/workshops for colour guidance and colour divining information. Supports self development.

New - Chakra Silks for Every Day and Colour Therapy Silks for Healing

Coming soon - The Chakra Silks are a set of new colours and design, beautifully packaged in one gift box.

One set of chakra silks per box.

Choose a colour to wear for the day to enhance your complexion, personality, mood and well-being.The silks are of the highest quality and come with care instructions

Available retail or wholesale.

The wholesale minimum order is 10 boxed sets.

The chakra silks and colour therapy silks for healing will not be sold from this site.

However we shall advertise them here as June has passed on the exclusive distribution rights to another who will be selling them directly.  Further information on where to buy will be advertised here shortly.

Colour Therapy Silks for Healing

The coloured sets of silks for colour therapy healing will be available again soon.The Colour Therapy Silks are of the highest and purest quality from a manufacturer who June trusts and has dealt with for many many years and who also works with the highest integrity. June has the exclusive distribution rights for the silks.

 Beware of imitations.

The cheaper Eastern silks may save you a few pounds but in the long run you do need the highest quality tools for the best results to support you, your client and your work.

The Colour Therapy Silks come individually boxed in 10 colours with care instructions.  One set of 10 per sale or wholesale bulk buys of 5 sets or more.