Colour Psychology Lighting & SAD

Lighting and SAD Light Box

Incandescent Lighting

It is understood traditional light bulbs that we have used for years are being phased out, They have been used either in single or multiple fittings, spotlights or tracker systems. They dont last long in comparison to newer bulbs.They use more energy and get hotter.The new alternatives are energy saving bulbs-which last 10 times longer and use roughly 80% less energy.

Fluorescent Lighting

There is no doubt that this type of lighting has developed since 1940s when it was first introduced.It is seen to be more efficient than incandescent bulbs e.g. a 36 watt (4ft/1.2m) tube bulb emits the same light as  4x60 watt old bulbs. Exerts taken from the lighting workshop.

Full Spectrum Lighting

Full spectrum is not a technical term when applied to a bulb but a marketing term implying that the product emulates natural light. In current fluorescent lighting a red object will look muted;however, in full spectrum it will be closer to its true colour. There are many manufacturers of full spectrum lights that claim to be the best and closest producer of natural looking light. No surprise as they are in a market competing for business. Secure the services of a colour psychology/colour counselor to revamp your office lighting for best results.


June  believes many, if not all   SAD symptons can be eradicated by getting outside everyday letting natural light bathe the skin. Many greats, past and present, confirm the benefits of sunshine for human health. Far back,Herodotus wrote ' Exposure to the sun is necessary to help people overcome failing health' In all weathers he recommended patients should allow the sun to fall upon them.

See Colour Therapy section - Sunlight the Great Healer.

Colour Light Box

June uses her SAD light box as a wonderful stand for the silks to lay across. In class when she taught she draped the silks across the light box to full effect. She also placed each coloured silk on the back of a chair, the 10 chairs were placed at the front of the class with the backs of the chairs facing the class so the silks are seen in all their full glory, for everyone to bathe their eyes on colour while she spoke and shared colour information. June wanted her students to be gently bathed in colour and to experience a colour bath while they learnt about the deeper aspects of colour. She believed it reinforced her training, today former students use the same technique.

Lighting for good health

Lighting is vital to complement the colours used in decor, and for good health and eye sight.A Professor of Ophthalmology stockpiled a lifetime supply of the old-fashioned type light bulbs because he believes (and said so at the conference)low-energy bulbs lead to eye problems,skin problems and health issues.See Colour Psychology Today book.