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Colour Therapy for Health

Colour therapy supports good health and well-being, colour psychology is for business.A colour psychologist,colour counselor uses much expertise in their work to produce a colour palette that is fit for purpose.During an art therapy session colour psychotherapy methods can be used.

Colour is an important ingredient of good health.

We hope to find the answers to questions that most dont ask and share them with you.

 Does eating a green apple over a red one make a difference?

Are all greens as healthy for us as we have been told?

What is a healthy colour therapy diet? 

All your colour therapy health questions will be answered here and soon. 

Colour Therapy Products

We will test and report back on colour therapy products on the market. Volunteer testers and reviewers will be sent products for an agreed trial, then report back with an honest appraisal for your benefit. 

Colour Therapy and

Anything and everything on colour  therapy that we have not covered elsewhere on the site.

Solarised Water

Do not use coloured acetate/plastic theatre light filters to solarise water for colour healing, 

Junes research findings confirm coloured glass is the only material to use when solarising water for health and healing.

 Coloured glass bottles and containers are found in most shops today.Fill the glass container with still mineral water, leave on the window sill in full sun for a minimum of an hour then drink. Guidance can be found in Colours of the Soul book.

Colour Therapy & Colour Psychology

You have the colour therapy/colour psychology questions we have the answers.

 When this section is set up, we will display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.

Colour Therapy & Colour Psychology

Share the big news. Once this section is set up, you can advertise yourself, your colour website, colour events, workshops and colour courses.

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Colour Therapy & Colour Psychology

Colour has impact, let us share our colour therapy and colour psychology findings and we'd love to hear yours.