Colour Psychology & Colour Therapy Resource

Colour Psychology & Colour Therapy Resource

Colour Therapy for Health

Colour therapy -  supports personal good health and well-being. Colour is an important ingredient to good health.


Colour psychology - is used in business.A colour psychologist uses their colour expertise to produce a colour palette that is fit for purpose following strict guidelines for good business practice.

A simple and effective way to help yourself to support good health is to choose a variety of coloured foods for every meal.

Do you think about the different coloured foods you eat?

Does eating a green apple over a red one make a difference.

Strive to eat as many different coloured vegetables and fruits at every meal.

Colour Product Testing

Volunteer testers and reviewers will be sent products for an agreed trial, then report back with an honest appraisal for your benefit. 

The first product results are in.

Colour Therapy Glasses.

Three volunteer testers took  the colour therapy glasses and wore them following the makers instructions, unfortunately the results are not promising, not one of the testers liked the product nor enjoyed using them. 

Tester A: Found them uncomfortable to wear and suffered a headache following use.

Tester B: Believe they affected her eyesight negatively.

Tester C: Is direct, she did not like them and found no redeeming features to persuade her otherwise.

Update on solarised water

Solarised Water

The old fashioned method using coloured theatre light acetates/filters is not to be used to  solarise water.

Do not use coloured acetate/plastic theatre light filters to solarise water for health and colour healing, 

Do however use a variety of coloured glass containers filled with still mineral water.

Junes research findings confirm coloured glass is the only material to use when solarising water for health and healing.

 Coloured glass bottles and containers can be found in most shops.Fill the glass container with still mineral water, leave on the window sill in full sun for a minimum of an hour then drink. 

Guidance and colour index is found in the books Colours of the Soul and Colour Psychology Today. Important:  ignore the recommendations to use the old fashioned method of coloured acetates.

Colour Therapy & Colour Psychology

Brighten your life with colour

Experiential Colour Workshops

Book June McLeod to hold an interesting, inspiring, experiential and fun colour workshop.

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Colour Therapy & Colour Psychology

Colour has impact, let us share our colour therapy and colour psychology findings and we'd love to hear yours. 

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