Colour Psychology Expert - June McLeod

Colour Psychology

'To demonstrate the dramatic effect of red, it takes 2/100ths of a second to register red yet 25/100ths of a second to register 3 words of this text' 

Colour Psychology is the study of the effect that colours have on human behaviour, particularly the natural instinctive feelings that each colour evokes. Colour preference reveals how each colour encourages an emotional, mental and physical response in people.

Red for example will create feelings of warmth, movement, ambition, courage and sometimes fear despondency and anger.

Red may bring to mind sayings that have been passed down through the ages such as 'it was like holding up a red rag to a bull'.

Cultures from around the world may differ in their use of colour psychology meaning and symbolism, for example in South Asian  culture it is common to see brides wearing red where as in Western culture a bride traditionally wears white.

Caution is highlighted by this simple example,International colour psychology knowledge must be understood and traditions respected if a colour psychologist is to work efficiently and flawlessly overseas or for an overseas client.Colour Psychology is a vast and complex subject that takes many years of hands on experience gathering and absorbing sufficient colour psychology understanding and knowledge to provide a colour psychology consultancy that is fit for purpose.

 Just as the learner drivers true learning begins when they have passed their test and are deemed safe to go out onto the road,a colour psychologist will spend 2-3 years study  then further years as an apprentice,learning on the road, before they are deemed qualified to offer Colour Psychology consultancy to business.

 A colour psychology trouble shooter June knows only too well of the high street colour psychology disasters  she has had the honour to put right. She writes about some of these experiences in her new book. Colour Psychology Today,  her latest best seller.  

'June expresses and expounds in beautifully plain language the hard to grasp technical colour stuff that blocks most minds, coupled with her innovative practicals and experiential teaching method to cement the information.

Her level of understanding is unsurpassed.

Unequivocally gifted with the ability to aticulate and to share profound colour information so that everyone understands'   A. Samson.

June's latest best seller 'Colour Psychology Today' is brimming with reams of  new and usable colour psychology information.

June McLeod

'Creativity is fundamental to innovation, innovation depends upon creative colour thinking'    

Colour Psychology Consultant, Colour Trends Forecaster, Author, Intuitive, Experiential and Motivational Trainer.

With an esteemed colour career spanning many years, June's dynamic and innovative work with colour psychology is legendary. An original thinker and a leading colour authority, with an international client base that reflects her substantial knowledge and continuing success.

'Colour outside the lines'

Encourages creative colour thinking

"Creativity is intelligence having fun" Einstein.

Proudly holds the first UK Colour endorsement

Drives new colour thinking

Motivational Trainer and Speaker

Original Thinker

Pioneering methods

Proven colour trends forecaster

First to teach and work with circles of colour in colour psychology/colour therapy.

Her specialist expertise is secured by a diverse range of business, a small selection;

Royal Parks, London Marathon, Maybelline New York, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Ladbrokes Casinos, Akzo Nobel, Angels at Play.

Hair colouring, cosmetics, fashion,paint, textiles, packaging, design, production, manufacturing, tourist boards,architects,spas,hotels,perfumeries, the list goes on.

Colour Psychology is powerful, it can alter a space, enhance a particular mood and excite the senses. Purchasing choices are made in seconds driven by colour.

The correct colour palette will support self development and wellbeing in the individual, create a sanctuary and harmony in the home and drive sales,  expansion,productivity and success in business. 

'Her complete mastery of her subject, skill, down-to-earth approach and sense of humour make learning about the importance of colour a life-affirming process'  J.F.

'A gifted intuitive, a forward thinking innovator and a lovely person. A winning combination' R.M.

'Sometimes we are blessed at pivotal points in life by meeting one of those very special people who will make a real and deep difference to the course of our lives. Some 20 yrs ago it was my great good fortune to find my way to June, one of those rare and wonderful people , and to benefit from her powerful gifts. Giving most generously of her wisdom and insight, she has been an inspiration to so many of us, enabling access to levels of learning and understanding that may have remained closed. June is a true innovator, and there is a great need for wider access to her wisdom and knowledge' M.K. 

Colour Therapy

'I found I could say things with colours that I could'nt say in any other way - things that I had no words for' Georgia O'Keefe.

Colour Therapy works on the principle that we are in need of light and colour to stay balanced and in good health. Natural daylight contains all the colours of the spectrum that our energy centres need in order to stay well physically, emotionally, mentally and some say spiritually.

It is essential we spend at least an hour a day preferably in sun light whatever the weather. We absorb light  and the coloured rays through our eyes and skin. So when you are walking or sitting outdoors, expose your skin,roll your sleeves up if weather permits.

Our busy lifestyles today mean we spend long hours working and living indoors. Use your time wisely, at lunch time step outside for a brisk walk in the fresh air and daylight.

The power of colour and its positive influence on our health and lives cannot be underestimated. 'I stand in awe at the simplicity yet transformational ability of colour'. An incredible tool is at our finger tips.

One of June's best selling books Colours of the Soul, and the Colours of the Soul CD will give solid grounding in colour therapy coupled with many interactive colour therapy practicals and colour therapy divining tools for health and well-being.

"Every now and then we come across a word, a phrase, a poem or a book that makes a deep and lasting impression on our lives. Colours of the Soul is one of those books. You can read it from cover to cover or just dive in for pearls of wisdom whenever you feel the need' Chrissy Wright. AOR.

Colours of the Soul is a colour therapy classic. In print since 2000 by popular demand. It is the best selling colour therapy book of its time.A must have for all colour  therapy enthusiasts and colour therapy students.

Her latest book, Colour Psychology Today is brimming with even more colour information, exercises and offers new and exciting ways to look at colour. 

Another best seller. It is unlike any other colour psychology book available. The book discloses unique knowledge on how colour psychology impacts on self development, the individual and the business world, borne out of June's extensive work as a colour consultant, trends forecaster and motivational trainer that spans more than 35 years.

June is colour and colour is her passion.

'I have witnessed and experienced the positive results and benefits of her work. June's ability, professionalism and eye for colour and design is exceptional. Not only has she helped my business and my staff over the years, she continues to support me on a personal level with integrity and grace' A.Cohen.