Colour Psychology is the Key

Colour Expertise

Colours in the environment affect us on a daily basis, by acting as unconcious triggers that influence how we think, feel and react to the world around us. How powerful is colour? With colour psychology combined with expertise we can achieve so much. Using colour psychology techniques with colour placement knowledge our world can take on a new and exciting visual feast and understanding by triggering the positives in our lives, opening our lives and minds to the huge array of possibilities that exist.We live in exciting times, on the threshold of even greater colour discoveries.

Colour and Number

How many colours can we see?  we are able to see more than 7,000,000 colours and counting. Colour psychology opens our mind and world to the enormous possibilities available to us all. 

Colour and number has fascinated mankind since records began.

Here is a quick overview;

2 is known as the liberator, the only number to be depicted in the tarot pack. 2 can be a number of division or universality. In the tarot pack the priestess is seated on 2 pillars, in her left hand are 2 keys, in her right hand a book. Do these symbolise the need to study the 2 in order to obtain the keys that will unlock the golden wisdom?. 3 - can represent the three sides of a triangle, the AUM, the trinity. The Egyptians allocated 3 colours to the Gods,Thoth- sky blue, Isis-yellow and Osiris-red. Observe the logo's of corporations and type of business who use this colour combination.

4 - elements

5 - elements with spirit added

6 - Buddhist Perfections and the truth of 666 revealed - the main player in the solar system the sun

and in Hebrew the equivalent of life.

7 -the seven colours of light and seven ages of man

8 - as above so below, the weaver of life


12- law lords, disciples, months, clock face,cranial nerves in the body,zodiac and there are 12 petals in the heart chakra, love truly is the beginning, the middle and the end. 

More information is found in Colour Psychology Today.

Clashing Colours

Some colour combos can create a clash of the senses, and other colour combos create an atmosphere of harmony and balance. Be guided by natures glorious colour combinations, the master of colour combinations. Since earliest times many from diverse backgrounds and cultures have attempted to pigeon hole colour - an impossible task, dedicating her life to colour psychology study and colour psychology research June takes her inspiration from what is around us all,taking inspiration from nature and the natural world, where according to colour wheels and the science of colour, many choices are unthinkable colour combinations and should not work, yet they do work and beautifully so.

 Extensive research and studies have been carried out over the years by notable alumni from the scientific arena, unfortunately few study the powerful transformational and self development affects of colour.

Brighter Future

Colour reaches us all on a very deep and instinctive level, if we can combine this with some knowledge of colour psychology we can go a long way toward transforming ourselves and our lives.

The future is bright.....the future is.......colour!

Right Choice

The 'right' choice of colours in a room can create a haven for relaxation, encourage a night of  passion, stem the appetite or in an office environment can increase productivity, stimulate the mind and raise energy levels.

Colour has no limits, yet we try to tame it, box it, limit it. When will we grasp that colour will show us the way forward and not the other way around.

Yet it is vital to understand, for colour to serve us well and be accurately placed in every situation, whether environment, design or commerce,the colour palette must be correct,and it is all down to the person or team choosing the colour/s.

Colour Your Mood

Colour affects your mood. The colours you wear, to the colours you choose to put around yourself in your home and workplace can have great influence on your moods. Colour can lift the spirit or dampen it.

Science explains colour as electronic waves, moving at different speeds, the knowledge of the Universe is received through electronic radiation, or light; perhaps this is why we describe someone who is intelligent as 'bright'.