Colour Interiors

Did you know

The colours we surround ourselves with have a profound effect on our mood,well-being,personality,emotional stability and energy.Colour psychology used with knowledge and understanding turns any room from ordinary into a wonderfully healthy and aesthetically pleasing space.An experienced colour consultant or colour counselor with a proven record can work wonders with any interior that needs a revamp.

A great way to use colour in a babies/toddlers room is on the ceiling.Todays protocol is to lay babies on their backs to sleep. While they lay in their cot they are looking at the ceiling so use the space positively. Using a soft coral/peach/pink shade will create the feeling of a safe and secure space; a womb with a view feel.

Our first colour association is formed in the womb, where we are surrounded by warm nurturing tones created by the light permeating the mothers skin, a soft gentle light infused coral/peachey/pink. 

Paint Colours

There are so many to choose from it can be overwhelming. 

When decorating her home Ruby Wax once joked 'having to choose between so many shades of white paint catapulted me into rehab'.

So how do you choose? keep the walls in calmer more muted shades and use your creative side by choosing more vivid shades of colour in the soft furnishings. Rather than a full redec they are easily changeable and replaced when you want to revive your look.

Interiors demand that the architecture and light must take precedence when choosing the colour scheme, as highly pigmented colours change in different lights.

Moving House

Live in the space for a few weeks before decorating to get a feel of the energy of the new home.Source your colour inspiration from nature for your colour palette. See how cleverly natures colours are beautifully combined and choose your favourites then go paint shopping for your colour choice in more muted shades for the home.

 Using common sense, in a north facing room use warmer muted shades of colour and hot up the accessories, in a south facing room cooler muted shades, apart from coastal homes where the light is quite different the use of lighter green and the brighter more vivid cooler shades works wonderfully well.