Children Love Colour - Colour Psychology Works

Colour Psychology for Babies and Children

Stimulate Learning

The impact colours have to stimulate learning, childrens moods,concentration and behaviour is proven by numerous studies.


Thank goodness we do not live in a monochrome world, how boring, soul destroying and drab life would be, we all love colour and children especially adore colour. Young children love to play with colourful toys and older children express themselves in many different ways with colour. Colour psychology techniques used in a childs environment will bring out the best in them personally and also support their emotional and physical growth.A colour psychologist/counselor can advise on the best placement and choice of colours.

Children love Colour

Never underestimate the benefits of colour used in drawing and painting,an enjoyable playtime for both mother and child with benefits for emotional development as a bonus.

Colour to soothe

If your child suffers from tantrums, sleepless nights, tummy ache that has no medical grounds, imaginings that are upsetting or night fears, then use the suggested colour exercise

Colour to calm

Use 4 coloured pencils or crayons (never felt tips) in the colours pink & light blue or orange & dark blue. These colour combos are the calming colours, of the colour first aid kit! Keeping the colours in pairs let your child choose a pair to colour freely on a piece of white paper, ideally A4 size.Colour with your child, encouraging them to create individual circles. You will find they will become quickly absorbed with the colours and calm.

Children love eating colour

If your childs plate is bursting with coloured goodness, they will usually demolish every mouthful.Meal times should be a mouth watering display of colour, delighting every sense; sight, smell and taste.